Time to Transform :20!

Well – a year is wrapping up and you know what that means for me – it’s time for some new goals! I am pleased to report that even with our trip to NYC (aka “pasta paradise” if you looked at what I ate) and the Holidays as of today I am officially down 9 lbs since Thanksgiving.

As a reforming (re: work in progress) yo-yo dieter – I was pretty durn excited to see that scale read below 150lbs, a number that before I started weight lifting I vowed never to go over and soon seemed impossible to beat for 2 years. But – since returning from our trip I have been RELIGIOUS (I can say that without being offensive because I have a religion degree, right?) ehrm…RITUALISTIC TO A T about following my nutrition program and surprise, it works. It’s like important scienc-y people researched the heck out of it to make sure it did that before hitting the market, right?

But – nevertheless, new year, new goals, and a new workout program! This one I have to say, before I did the demo workouts I was realllllllyyyyyy skeptical. Because (1) There are no weights involved and (2) I am not coordinated and using a step is kinda scary. However – since Team Beachbody has helped me so much throughout my weight loss journey, and I mean the guy that came up with this program is the one and only Shaun T (same one that did insanity – and that helped a whole lotta people!) I put my trust in the company, and said “I’m game” and purchased my step – the only required equipment for this whole program.

What are the workouts like?

Each workout is 20 minutes long. They are challenging, but it’s less than an episode of FRIENDS (and you know that you can binge a whole season of that in a night). In, out, done. You are challenged and pushed to the limit – but it feel so great on the other side, and you’re pretty much done before you realize what you got yourself into – much like Shaun T’s other programs.

The program only lasts for 6 weeks, with workouts 6 days a week. In those 6 weeks, most people give up on their New Year’s Resolutions, but starting in this first group – me and my first participants will be done by the end of February.

Every workout is different than the last. Each video was filmed live to keep you engaged, focused and moving to the next step with the cast of the videos. Each weekday workout has a different focus, and your weekend workout has lighter cardio and strength to stretch you out and prep you for the next week.T

Ok, but what about nutrition?   

You have the option to choose between 2 different meal plans for this program. The portion fix container system for optimal results or the 2B Mindset “plate it” system – both are taught by me and Beachbody videos , with the workout program.

This is the first Beachbody program to take mental health as seriously as your nutrition.

As part of your curriculum, you’re provided a journal to track your food, but also what takes up the same amount of space on the page is how you feel. Did you laugh today? What did you achieve?

When will the program be released and we can get started?! 

Beachbody will launch this in 2 phases like they did for LIIFT4, the program I completed over the summer.

  1. VIP Early Access – Starting December 4th, the program has been on sale with the workout getting “unlocked” January 14, 2019. People in this first group also have an opportunity to be mentored through the program by Shaun T. in an exclusive Facebook group.
  2. General Admission – No joke, this program will be added to the masses Beachbody catalog on April 1, 2019.

Ready to give it a try? Join my test group for VIP early access TODAY. Spaces are limited.

At this time I am only able to coach individuals with addresses in the above countries. Team Beachbody is rapidly expanding, so if you do reside in another country please provide that information below and I will keep you up-to-date on other opportunities that may come your way and to be a potential partner in new markets.

Amy B. teaches a convenient healthy lifestyle for busy women on the go based on her own experiences losing 60 lbs while traveling the world, learning to cook with food allergies and empowering like-minded entrepreneurs. Amy's mission is to empower other to dream, and then do while embracing all the life that happens in between.

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