Morning Routine Changed My Life

Reflecting back on my 2018 New Year’s Resolutions – and I am pretty darn proud of myself because I beat “status quo” where 80% of people give up on their New Year’s Resolutions by February (It’s true – I think I read it on Buzzfeed, or goal cast or one of those other awesome sites with little nuggets of information to impress people at a tailgate). Write a blog a day HAH! – nope. But I started a blog? Publish my book…yeah, that’s another fish to fry. But out of my 10, I feel like I nailed a solid 6. One of them as a little odd – a little simple – a little like I should have probably figured it out in elementary school (judge away if you must)

Create and Execute a Solid Morning Routine. This consisted of 4 points (again – laugh away.)

  1. Teeth & Face – yes, I need a reminder, I get so easily distracted.
  2. Bible Study
  3. Journal
  4. Workout

See – I am one of those strange birds that I am reading about in my latest personal development book – Better than Before  I mean, who wouldn’t want to read a book with that title who is trying to improve their life? – SIGN ME UP! She talks about different personality traits and I am 100% an Obliger (basically – whatever I can do to help the people around me, I forget about myself) ergo – I need a little boost to remember to brush my teeth.

Better than Before – and another that was one of my favorites for the year, Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis (what basic girl doesn’t LOVE this one? – get the audio.) also reminded me of this concept of “Larks and Owls” . that is, that Larks are your morning warriors – your songbirds first thing in the morning. And the Owls, they are your Night Owls. Lucky me that I am a first-class lark, relatively newlywed with a love language of physical touch married to the biggest Night Owl this side of the Mississippi.

What I realized when I was working on my own goals about halfway through the year is how desperately I missed my mornings. That time that was mine, when things were all quiet. But – with a husband that travels for a living, it is really darn hard to turn down a morning snuggle. Or any snuggle for that matter. Thankfully – we had a bit of a “Come to Jesus” moment and have adjusted our time together to the after dinner block – so I can have my morning time and he can stay up late watching football highlights.

And man – ya’ll, as soon as I got in a groove with this (It takes about a month to really get it going) it has been amazing! Even when we travel – I like to make sure that I get “my stuff” done before I even check in or start an adventure. It just feels GOOD once I got past that overwhelming feeling that I was wasting time and that I needed to take care of myself.

Seriously – I cannot tell you how much being greedy for that one hour does for my self esteem. As an obliger and a helper, I start the day now with my cup full instead of in this weird funk where I am frustrated about helping others – that just doesn’t sit so well with me. Why I am telling you this today? Well folks – It’s December 29th and I finally had my “ideal morning” and goodness knows I’ve gotta tell the world about it!

Here’s how what I’ve started to call “My Mornings” goes – because it’s MY time, and I own that like a baby owns a binky. It is that important to me even just to function.

  • The First 5 Minutes
    • Wake Up & Weight In I started weighting myself daily after getting my nutrition coach certification. Not to beat myself up, but as a gauge as to where I am and how food effected me the day before. It’s the easiest way I can tell if I am having inflammation, and if I had some fun the night before it’s a reminder to be straight with myself for the day to come.
    • Put on Workout Clothes (If I didn’t sleep in them, which I usually do) – including the tennis shoes, so I am not tempted to get back in bed.
    • Start Coffee – we prefer ours in a french press and iced coffee, so as soon as it gets cold after my morning, I’m ready!
    • Drink my Preworkout Gogo Juice – this takes about 10-15 minutes to kick in and gives me a little bit more energy in the morning so I have a successful workout. Pick ya up some here (its only sold online).
  • The Next 10 Mins (as the gogo juice kicks in)
    • Bible Study or Read a Chapter in a personal development book – and I make a point to do this on paper, and limiting my screen exposure in the morning before my workout.
  • After 15 Minutes – Push Play on that Workout!
    • I workout from home for about 30 minutes a day with an online accountability group. Just saving those 15 minutes each way to the gym and $50 a month (it costs me $8 a month to do it this way) means that much to me for my day. And sometimes, a neighbor joins me! Hooray! If you want this – join me! More info is over on my “Join an Accountability Group” page OR jump right in and check out the system here.
  • 10ish Minutes – Journal until the sweat stops.
    • Gratitude Journal – I use this notebook to write 3 things I am grateful for the day to come or the day before, it’s got a motivational quote.
    • Actually Journal – This year is the first year I started to journal and I don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner. I am a talker, and talking out my feelings to paper helps me be less dependent on those around me for a listening ear. If the morning allows, I get more time on this venture, or come back to it after my shower.
  • Last 2 Minutes – Personal Care
    • Wash the sweat off that pretty face of mine, wake the hubs with the lovely sound of my electric toothbrush and enjoy breakfast together. Take that shower – I’ve earned it!

Do me a favor – if you don’t do this, do? Try it out and just see how it goes. Give it a month. Goodness knows you need it. And if you are way ahead of me – what are your must-dos first thing in the day for your morning routine?

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