Hello 2019! New Year’s Resolutions

C’mon! You guys know that I’m in the business of goal-getting and making dreams come true – banishing your inner bully? So of course I’ve got to share my New Year’s Resolutions with all of you.

  1. Write Daily
    • I had this goal last year too – as “blog daily” hah…oops. But this year my top priority is continuing to write, whether it’s working on a book or blogging, or even journaling. I need to write SOMETHING.
  2. Finish Out 2019 Under Budget
    • Me and money – we don’t get along. First I had to live with not having enough of it, and now knowing what to do with it – so this past weekend Ryan and I sat down, made a budget
  3. Give Back 10% of my Time & Finances
    • Another one from 2018 – it’s time to get intentional.
  4. Publish a Book
    • I’m writing 2, maybe 3 (cookbook!?) surely I can get one to stick or some momentum on that if I am gonna call myself an author.
  5. Find Joy in Each Day
    • “Joy” is my word for 2019 – after experiencing a significant amount of grief this past year, I want to see those small moments each day. I bought a 5-year memory journal for that very reason. Everyday I’ll write a joyful moment and can look back on it.
  6. 10X My Coaching Business
    • Can you tell I’ve been listening to some Grant Cardone? He’s a businessman and motivational speaker that says you can 10X your life and that sounds good to me. I want to help 10x as many people, make 10x as much income and influence. Not gonna lie – this goal makes me wanna puke, but then again shoot for the moon – right?
  7. Have a Model Marriage
    • This goal comes from my husband, it’s an affirmation of his that he speaks aloud daily. And I feel like I need to uphold my end of the bargain on that. Listen to his needs, work hard.
  8. Read 52 Books
    • With dominating (ok – finished it yesterday) my goal to read 50 books in 2018, why not 1 a week?
  9. Cultivate a Home
    • I’ve spent a lot of time traveling over the past few years. I want to have a home base, deeper friendships, a clean home, and my little family inside. I’m pledging to make a conscious effort on that.
  10. Reconnect with Religion
    • Faith has been a struggle for me this year. My husband and I don’t quite have a church home that’s just right for us, but I want to make it a goal to go to church OR bible study once a week. To get back into the word and reconnected with the big man upstairs.

2019 – I’m looking at you – onward we go, into this joyful adventure.

Now you! What are your goals for the new year? Dreams? Anything!

Amy B. teaches a convenient healthy lifestyle for busy women on the go based on her own experiences losing 60 lbs while traveling the world, learning to cook with food allergies and empowering like-minded entrepreneurs. Amy's mission is to empower other to dream, and then do while embracing all the life that happens in between.

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