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Pregnancy Gift Guide

The gift-giving season is upon us, and as someone who was pregnant during around Christmas (thanks, Kiddo, for coming early ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) and had her 30th birthday while in the 4th trimester (yes, it most certainly is a thing) and nursing the traditional “Dirty Thirty” vibes didn’t really fly.

And although there is the option to get a mama something off her baby registry, I’d strongly encourage you, shopper, to think of the mom behind the baby. We really do kind of get forgotten after our little bundle of joy is here, and our self-care is more important than ever before in this time in our lives. And – though I had the best intentions, my go-to pre-mommyhood days was to get my mom-to-be friends a nice bottle of wine to enjoy after baby. And well, that’s great and all but not exactly all that useful since *spoiler* you really aren’t supposed to imbibe all that much postpartum either until you, ya know, sleep. Though that didn’t stop me for a few nights ๐Ÿ˜‰

Pin this, save this, share this – contribute more to this in the comments! Because goodness knows the world needs more ways to help pregnant women and we could all use ideas for push presents. We are, after all, continuing the species during this process.

And – side note, some of these are affiliate links, to where if you purchase directly from this link in a web browser – I get a little bit of commission. It’s kinda the way big businesses like Amazon support small businesses like bloggers, at no cost to you. So credit where credit is due, whenever you see this on someone’s site. Much obliged! And PS – pricing listed under product reflects pricing at time of publishing this blog ๐Ÿ˜‰

Now onto the shopping:

Self Care

A Blowout (or even better, a blowout punchcard!)

Gotta give the props to my hubs here, he got me this for my 30th and I still use it. For those who don’t know, this kind of blowout has nothing to do with tires – it’s getting your hair washed, styled and dried by someone else. Like going to the salon, without the haircut. If it sounds bougie and basic, well, it kinda is, but it is sooooo wonderful giving yourself that gift of what these people can do with your hair with less than an hour in the chair. It’s time away from the baby (but not too long), and you come back looking and feeling great. It’s along the lines of a manicure, but I much prefer this because nail salons have much stronger smells, something pregnant women are sensitive to, and for me – even at 10 months old now, my hands end up in my daughter’s mouth a lot, so I like to keep my nails clear of polish just in case she chips a little off. Find a studio (sometimes they are called a bar) in your area, if you’re in Orlando – Check out Blo.

$25-$55 per session – pending studio, location & number of sessions

Tula Face Filling Primer

I discovered this makeup while I was pregnant and thank goodness I did. Your skin changes a lot. For me, I went from having an outside job to being inside most of the time, so none of my makeup was the right tone either. I also developed the “pregnancy mask” which is basically a bunch of age spots pretending they are freckles but they aren’t so cute. So – I got to researching makeup a bit more with all my downtime, but didn’t want to invest a ton of money because I wouldn’t really be going out much. This primer is so cool – it evens out skin tone and adjusts to the current tone of your skin, so you never look orange or fake-baked. It just makes you feel a lot more put together with just a little swipe of the beauty blender…and works great with sensitive skin, something so common in pregnancy. And as a new mom, it’s one step with a little bit of concealer under the eyes to feel put together and get out the door – double win.

$34.00 on

Soothing Bath Products

We may not be able to take the hottest bath we want, but taking a bath is still a blessing in itself. I really love Dr. Teal’s brand of bath products, both bubble bath and salts. It has a mild smell but infused with essential oils so it’s gentle on pregnant skin, gentle enough even that we use the Epsom salts in my daughter’s bath from time to time, and the lavender smell is both soothing and relaxing. As opposed to a bath fizz too, the Epsom salts relieve sore muscles and restless legs, helping us mamas sleep better.

$13.98 gift set on Amazon, or purchase at your local Target.


A Temperature Control Coffee Mug

I for one am very grateful that studies have come out that it’s ok to have a little bit of caffeine during pregnancy, and nursing as well. Because, well, there is something to a good cuppa joe. That perfect cup, the perfect temp…but oh wait, I’m a mom, my coffee is always supposed to be burnt & microwaved – right?! Not anymore! This mug is THE COOLEST gadget…it keeps your coffee at the perfect temperature that you set for you, and holds a charge most of the day. So, only get a few sips every few hours? It’s like coming back to a fresh cup each time. A-mazing. It makes you just feel slightly human for a minute. The only con to this? It’s not dishwasher safe…so be on the lookout if you get one of these for your home.

$99.95 on Amazon, also available at Starbucks

Wireless Headphones

I talked myself out of getting a pair of AirPods last Black Friday but the come Prime Days 2020, snagged the deal and begged for forgiveness later. Why? Cords, folks. I got a pair of noise-canceling Beats headphones for flights – and though they were great, and not bulky over my head (because I was worried that may fall on the baby? oh hormones) I neglected to consider cords. Yeah – wearing corded things isn’t really a thing anymore. What’s also nice particularly about AirPods is they aren’t completely noise-canceling, so I can have them in listening to a podcast, but still hear the baby if she needs me. These would have really come in handy for middle-of-the-night feedings when I needed to stay awake & alert but didn’t want to wake the baby by having the TV on. Those were some lonely nights in the dark, my friends.

$129.00 on Amazon

A Smart Watch with a Heart Rate Monitor

I mentioned this back on my post about what you actually need for pregnancy and beyond, a heart rate monitor! Me, being an apple girl, I have the Apple Watch and absolutely love it. I was actually able to give my doctor very up-to-date health information since I knew my heart rate windows that ended up keeping me from an induction when I was suspected of preeclampsia. During pregnancy, data is so so key. I also really loved the breath feature on it to help me practice mindful breath, something that came in handy during birth, as well as now the fitness tracker and rings because that’s just fun. I have the series 2, which is a couple of years old, and still works great – so if you can’t quite afford the latest and greatest – it is still a good investment.

$169.00 Apple Watch Series 3 on Amazon


Nice Pajamas

Look…I feel like I don’t have to explain this one too much, but new baby means lots of time in your jammies, and they might as well be cute. My absolute favorites have been the Stars Above line from Target. The button fronts work well for nursing and the pants are nice and loose for a growing belly. What’s also nice with pajamas as opposed to regular clothes, women tend to size up in these…so it’s not weird if you unwrap an XL when you wear a medium in workout shorts (hey, that’s me!) because they are mean to be loose and can easily be tightened. It also kind of goes with the blowouts, it’s really nice to feel nice and look nice, even if you have nowhere to go.

My favorite begin at $21.99, constantly on sale at Target


But not just any leggings, THE leggings. Ladies, you know. Hook your girl up with the Lululemon Align Pant. After having the same pair prepregnancy for 2 years, and wearing them weekly since having the baby they really are that good and stretch right back where they need to be. When shopping for them, they go true to pant size, so if you’re buying them new, what I would do is order then one size larger than the jeans you could wear the day you first heard the heartbeat. Trust me, they’ll fit. This was another must on my pregnancy shopping guide.

$98.00, multiple colors and styles

New Undies

So this one may seem a little weird, but for me – I was a bit embarassed when my undergarments didn’t fit anymore. Weird right, my pants don’t fit…of course my underpants won’t fit! So investing in something new was just nice. I’ve loved getting things from Lively (here’s a link for $10 off your first purchase) they have extended sizes and a great line of maternity and nursing bras as well…plus a solid return policy in case your size changes from when you need to wear things.

For the Home

A Yeti Rambler

During and post pregnancy, we have to drink A LOT of water. I gifted myself one of these for Mother’s Day and have absolutely loved it. And hey, it could come in handy for tailgate season for mommy’s special juice ๐Ÿ˜‰ I use this cup everyday and like that it’s larger, but also fits in a cupholder. It’s also dishwasher safe which is a definite added bonus.

$34.95, 20+ color options

A Nespresso Machine

This may be a gift for both parents, it sure was for us, but it is such a lifesaver! Sometimes you just need that nice cup of coffee – and with how popular these you’re bound to find one on sale. And, it can be the gift that keeps on giving with you casually sending more pods in the mail!

$199.99 Nespresso Vertuo Coffee Bundle with Milk Frother on Amazon

A Virtual Gym Membership

Wait, tell a pregnant lady to workout?! YES! 1. You’re training for birth, literally one of the biggest endurance things in your life, and 2. This is something most mamas won’t purchase for themselves, but it definitely is in the back of your mind postpartum. For me, as an online wellness coach, I partner with Beachbody on my own journey (and yes, I am a coach) and have really loved what they came out with for their pregnancy and postpartum workouts just this year. Going through it myself, it’s kinda my specialty. If this is something the mama in your world would like, connect us! or support another Beachbody coach that you know. Also, getting out of the house with a baby is just plain hard, this is a great naptime activity for mama to feel good about herself – and something the whole household can use. Even better, add in a set of light, medium & heavy weights with it to get the party started.

$99 annual membership on Beachbody on Demand


A Professional Clean

My dad loves to tell this story of my mom polishing the wood floors the day she went into labor with me. Like get that mental picture…hugely pregnant woman, on her hands and knees, scrubbing. We do weird stuff when nesting, weird stuff…because well, of course our baby is going to crawl out of the womb and immediately lick the dust bunnies. Ok, maybe add 10 months for that to actually happen (yikes) but us moms-to-be get crazy about cleaning. Wouldn’t it be nice for someone else to do it? You betcha! We pay for a cleaning service now, even for me as a stay-at-home-mom because it really does release so much stress to know the house doesn’t get too terribly messy, and it is the biggest gift.

A Prenatal Massage

As long as you are between 12 and 32 weeks, a massage is perfectly safe, and there are even special prenatal massage tables designed for expectant moms! I was able to have two during my pregnancy and they were AH-mazing. Just sitting in the quiet, taking care of my body, ahhhhh.


When in doubt, a gift card is always wonderful! Especially to somewhere like Amazon or Target, because there is definitely a lot of middle-of-the-night shopping going down when you’re trying to get that baby to stop doing somersaults. UberEats is also a great option to help out and have food delivered, and the best part is you can leave the restaurant pickin’ up to the mama.

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