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Can I just start this off by saying that I never thought this would be something I did? I don’t exactly think of myself as the “coachy” type. Yeah, I’m positive – peppy even, but man talk about #nofilter sometimes.

You’re also probably thinking – I haven’t even done a group with you yet – why the heck would I want to work with you. Ask yourself:

Do I know someone who could use this as bad as I could, and that would walk the journey with me?

Chances are – yes. Plus learning from the front does have it’s advantages.


Getting in shape is hard – and I do so much better if someone is watching me. And if I am leading the pack? Well it’s a lot harder to make excuses getting people to do something if I won’t do it myself. And – given that one of the guiding principles is “proof the products work” you can guarantee you’ll be in the best shape of work because…

You can earn an income.

Whether you want to do this part-time or full-time income, the sky truly is the limit. You aren’t selling things out of the trunk of your car either, corporate is on our side and you’re only on the hook for what you use. I joined this to cover my costs, and have done that since starting. Then it was a new dress, a date night – now it’s our mortgage, vacations – the sky is the limit! I’m living proof this business can make a financial impact on your life.

You’ll meet like minded people.

Being the #Girlboss that I am, I only work with people that I like working with – we have similar goals, missions, and outlooks on life. I’ve had this sense that I needed to belong somewhere, and with this company we create that tribe. We get the whole family involved too. We celebrate our wins, and pick each other up on our losses. There really is nothing like the support system of our team.


Yes – this is a place that you can get rewards travel, so far I’ve traveled to Mexico, New Orleans, Nashville, Destin, Miami, Indianapolis and I’m off on an all-expense paid cruise in March. It takes work to be invited on a trip, but this is a company that rewards its coaches. For me personally, this is a HUGE motivator – I always saw myself as a jet-setting executive, and I get to do it in yoga pants?! With my husband?! What a great concept, you do well, you get rewarded.

I became a coach after telling my coach “no” 6 times. I went as far to go to her house, mooch a free workout from her – tell her “no” again in front of her husband and kids and straight up ghosted her. Yes – sometimes I can be a terrible person. But she saw something in me that I didn’t – that my story had more power than I could ever realize, and I’ve harnessed that same power in teaching my own team.

The girl who felt she had no story has inspired 100s of men and women to take their own leap in achieving their own dreams by fitting a business into their own life cracks. Since signing up to coach 4 years ago (for the main reason that I could not afford my products) but man after meeting with my coach that day I knew this was where I needed to be. I worked 4 jobs. My boyfriend (now husband) paid for our vacations so I wouldn’t look like the poor person in our friends group. I knew I could help 3 people though, I knew 3 people needed this as bad as I did – and if I made some extra cash, I could buy a new wardrobe after losing all the weight instead of wearing hand-me-downs from coworkers and moms I babysat for.

That mindset to help 3 people a month has grown exponentially. It’s led to me being able to financially walk away from a full time job. Pay off student loans, a car payment, and just recently beginning to contribute to my 401K once again. Go all-in and join our team today – you’ll not regret it.

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At this time the Team Beachbody coaching opportunity is only available to those countries listed above. However, new markets are constantly being added and I would love to stay in contact to learn how you can be a founding member in one of our new markets!